Does social media do more harm than good?

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November 22, 2021
November 22, 2021
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Does social media do more harm than good?

I Made Adrian Wisnutama, Grade 8A

Social media is a public space on the internet where people get to freely post whatever sort of media and or content they want. Texts, videos, photos, the possibilities are endless. But is social media as good as it looks? I believe that social media does more harm than good, and here are my reasons on why.
Firstly, the comments. In comment sections, people can write their thoughts and opinions on a certain person’s post. And inevitably, negative comments will exist. If taken seriously, those negative comments will most likely hurt the creator’s feelings and damage their self-esteem. There have been cases of depression or even suicide cases caused by cyberbullying or extensive hate comments on social media.
Next, addiction. Social media is a big, wide-open space. When you find something you love there, there will always be more of it. That can lead to hours wasted on scrolling and scrolling through social media just looking at pictures. It makes people lazy. It wastes time, and you can be too hooked / dependent on it to the point where you forget about the people around you.
Now, you may argue that “it’s all about time management”. That’s true, but not many people even bother to manage their time. Not everyone knows what’s better for themselves. Not everyone wants to put in the work and effort it takes to resist not looking at social media. Because once you start getting addicted, it’s very hard to turn back.
Benefits aside, people on social media can be irresponsible with it. As stated above, social media can take up a lot of your time and can damage you mentally. In short, social media can be harmful if not used properly. And that’s why I stand by my point and believe that Social Media does more harm than good.

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