Factors influencing an individual’s personality

June 12, 2022
June 14, 2022
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Factors influencing an individual’s personality

By Zefanya Greecia Mandey (Grade 11)

We live in a world where diverse personalities exist. Studies have shown that certain factors tend to influence one’s personality and thus have a long-term impact on them. This essay will discuss some of these factors.

According to experts, family life plays a fundamental role in determining an individual’s personality. The environment and family interaction in which children grow up affects the types of personality traits they develop. When children live in an overly controlled and manipulative family, they will have fewer opportunities for self-discovery and higher levels of anxiety and shyness. Not only that, but children may also develop a rebellious personality due to them feeling as if they are in prison.

Another factor to consider is society in general. One of the opinions in the discussion expressed: “School life has an enormous role in forming a child’s character.” However, it involves considerably more than just school. Society provides patterns of realization and a platform for activity and socialization. Engaging with people gives you a lot of experience, and you can learn a lot from various people. Meeting new people can expose you to new cultures, ideas, and opinions which could help evolve your personality.

These two factors shape who we are as human beings. Nonetheless, from my point of view, I believe that family life is the most influential factor in determining an individual’s personality. Family is a child’s primary social group. They influence children’s personalities in numerous ways, which could scope all the other factors into one.

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