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What We Did To Help Stop Animal Cruelty

There are animals being abused every second you’re reading this article. Thankfully, there is an organization like ‘Jakarta Animal Aid Network’, or ‘JAAN’ to rescue them, and here is what we did to help.

Jakarta Animal Aid Network is a non-profit organization for animal welfare, which was first officially established in 2008 by three founders – Femke, Karin, and Natalie. They

realized that there hadn’t been an organization that cared about animals’ safety here in Indonesia, both domestic and wildlife, so they decided to take action by providing them health support, food, and shelters.

When we first heard of Jakarta Animal Aid Network, we did a lot of research about it on the internet, and only came to realize that it would’ve been a great opportunity to be a part of their journey. For that reason, SHB Cambridge’s Social Services Department started a fundraising program in order to support JAAN.

There were two things that we put a lot of effort into in the process: firstly, we often visited classes to introduce the program we had and convince students to donate. Since it’s crucial for everyone to know why we were doing this in the first place, and that they could be a part of it too. Secondly, we’ve also created two fundraising events to further advertise in a more entertaining way.

During the first event, we invited one of the founders of Jakarta Animal Aid Network – Natalie, to give a short presentation about the mission and vision of the organization, accompanied by fun activities, like a riddle competition and short movies. While in the

second one, we welcomed two JAAN members to our unit. They did a presentation with the purpose of educating SHB Cambridge’s students about empathy. In the end, we donated Rp 6,000,000 to Jakarta Animal Aid Network in person.

We really hope that the donation aids the Jakarta Animal Aid Network organization in

rescuing more animals and making this world a better place to live in, not only for us but for the other living organisms as well.

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