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Learning styles

What is learning style? Learning style is a preferred way of learning or understanding something by each individual. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or skills, it is just a method of studying that is acceptable and more effective for you. Everyone will have a different personality and it is normal to have different learning styles. People will have their unique ways of studying and there is no such thing as good or bad learning styles. Knowing your learning style or how you like to learn can be very helpful for your further education.

I believe that knowing your learning style can be beneficial in certain aspects. An increase in productivity while studying can be one of them. If you are aware of which style works best for you while learning, it can also increase the effectiveness of studying. For example, being more productive and effective while studying can help you gain more information which will also efficiently expand your knowledge. You can also make better decisions and receive more achievements if you follow your learning style. If you study smart in your style, you can improve to be a better student.

According to the VARK model, there are four different learning styles. The four styles consist of Visual, Auditory, Reading & Writing, and Kinesthetic. Visual learners prefer to learn by seeing or looking at something. They can study more effectively by looking at graphs, diagrams, charts, and presentations that show clear explanations. Auditory learners prefer to study by listening to the explanation/information that is presented vocally or listening to lecture recordings and videos. They are active in class by frequently asking questions. Students who think that writing essays and detailed notes, reading textbooks and articles are suitable for their studying materials, can be categorized as reading & writing learners. They should study by doing worksheets, writing essays, performing research, and doing other reading and writing tasks. Lastly, kinesthetic learners learn by doing something physically. For example, using their hands to decorate, create, or build something. They are sometimes better at hands-on experience like in science labs doing experiments.

To sum up, learning style is a method that matches each preference in learning. According to the VARK model, there are 4 styles of learning which are visual, auditory, reading & writing, and kinesthetic. Knowing and understanding your learning style can increase productivity and effectiveness in studying. Therefore, it is important to know your learning style. Try to apply it so that you can study smart and improve your academics.

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