The Overall Impacts of Covid-19 on Students

July 16, 2022
Face to face Classes: Completely New Experience
July 18, 2022
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The Overall Impacts of Covid-19 on Students

The Covid-19 pandemic that prompted a nationwide shutdown of schools and a shift to online instruction also started a wave of articles calling this instructional change a “natural experiment” that could be used to study the effects of online education. Yet the pandemic disrupted so many aspects of children’s academic, social, emotional, and economic lives that its broad scope poses serious challenges to isolate the causal impact of any specific change, such as the switch to remote instruction.

Educators and policymakers should proceed with caution when interpreting studies that attempt to identify such specific effects. Instead, researchers should focus on helping education leaders understand the overall impact of the pandemic on students, putting particular emphasis on discovering which groups have suffered the worst effects. The best evidence indicates that Covid-19 has had a substantial negative impact and has disproportionately harmed the learning of disadvantaged students. Continued research in this direction could provide a sharper picture of which students have faced the most severe challenges under Covid-19, pointing the way toward how best to allocate resources to address learning losses.

Although it is nearly impossible to disentangle the effect of any specific policy, the overall effect of the pandemic—including economic, health, social, and educational changes—is something we can attempt to assess. Moreover, as the pandemic continues to disrupt daily life more than a year after schools first closed, it is increasingly important to understand the impact of the pandemic itself. In addition to the short-run impacts on learning, a range of prior evidence suggests that the effects of health, social, and economic experiences in early childhood can persist into adulthood.

However, Sekolah Harapan Bangsa is highly committed to giving the best effort to adjust to this situation. Our cooperation with Google Education by and large is giving a new experience of learning to our students. The students can still enjoy their learning at home and even explore more online resources. Now, the new academic year of 2022/ 2023 is coming. We certainly hope that past experiences will give the students more motivation to get their spirit back again and to increase their emotional and social skills during the process of teaching and learning at school. There will be adjusting situations off course these days due to the pandemic transition and we expect the family still support their child in doing the health protocol anywhere they are. The school also still conducts the safety and health protocol in every area of learning.

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