Orientation Days at SHB Cambridge for Academic Year 2022-2023

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July 28, 2022
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Orientation Days at SHB Cambridge for Academic Year 2022-2023

On Monday,  July 18, 2022, Sekolah Harapan Bangsa Cambridge marks the first day of the 3-day orientation days. All the students and teachers gathered in the foyer to start the day with the  Pledge and Prayer led by one of the students from CS2 Cambridge. After all of us had finished with it then the Orientation started. 

The first agenda was the speech from our  Principal, Ms. Silvana. She welcomed all the students and re-introduced all the teachers and staff to them, it was awesome.

The second agenda was the games. All students were told to change to their house T-shirts. The four well-known house t-shirts were filling the Cambridge mini hall or foyer as if it was a rainbow. The Yellow Lions, the Red Wolves, the Green Dragons, and the Blue Dolphins were ready for the games. The first games were ‘Balloon Between Us’ and ‘Elephant March’ and followed by ‘Balloon Stomp’ and ‘Hand Walking’, however, between those games, we had a recess to charge our energy.

All the students had a good time with the games. They were longing for these kinds of activities to be held again in our school ever since the pandemic started everyone missed these opening days’ activities.  

Finally, after the games, the HRTs came into their classes to greet their students. The students were very enthusiastic at school. They were so happy to be back to their ‘second home’, Sekolah Harapan Bangsa Cambridge. (Mr. Farhan)

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