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July 29, 2022
August 2, 2022
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First Three Days of School

Welcome back to school! It is going to bereally exciting moment for the students after some years of online learning, finally being able to go back to school every morning to meet teachers and friends.

When we enter school as usual we continue to carry out health protocol procedures by checking body temperature and washing hands before finally gathering in the hall. Students always wear their masks and bring enough spare masks and necessities.

On the first day of school, after the self introduction, the students toured the school to get to know the school environment. After the first break, they had an assembly to get to know the new academic teachers and staff. They also get to know the student activities that will be held this year.

On the second day, upper graders were involved in the preparation of class rules and all students helped the teachers decorate the class. Then after the break time they get to know about school rules and regulations and the implementation of health protocols.

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