Does copying famous people style and behaviour bring any harm?

August 10, 2022
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August 13, 2022
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Does copying famous people style and behaviour bring any harm?

Adrian 9A

Famous people, whether it be a politician or an actor, are people who are highly recognized or valued by the public. Even with all these great things said about famous people, it’s no surprise teens nowadays want to mimic them, from their clothes to even their behaviors, good or bad. They all unknowingly influence their fans to do the same. It’s a well-known fact that being famous is a huge responsibility.

         But not every famous person has it easy. Fame doesn’t come to just anyone, and some people simply don’t want to put in the effort to genuinely gain the public’s love and attention. So, some of them resort to witchcraft. Although there is very little evidence, many have admitted to “selling their soul” to the devil in exchange for wealth and success. News like this has their fans thinking, “maybe it is the right thing to do?” when in reality — it is not.

         And it doesn’t stop there. From buying expensive clothes to flushing money down the toilet, die-hard fans will do ANYTHING to walk in the footsteps of their idol. Many teenagers would drop out of school or even commit crimes because their idol did it too. When you misuse your big platform and great influence, there’s no telling what damage you could be doing to so many people, even if you didn’t mean to.

         Now, does all of this mean it’s bad to have a famous person as your role model? No! because this does not apply to EVERY famous person on the planet. There are still famous people out there who you can use as an inspiration to keep going and to reach your goals. That said, it’s always a good thing to be careful with choosing who you idolize, as some of their ideals may do you more harm than good. Being a famous person’s loyal fan is totally normal! But you should never take it too far.

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