Stepping out the comfort zone

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August 30, 2022
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August 30, 2022
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Stepping out the comfort zone



Teenagers tend to have a big curiosity whether it’s in a good way or the opposite, but some just stick to one comfort zone where they are always on their path and do not explore other experiences that might have changed their life. Parents always wanted them to become more active and use their skills for what they’re capable of, however, the impacts of technology such as video games, social media, and others could make benefits and even downsides.

In recent times, teenagers are always on their phones and just slacking off at home. This could waste a lot of time for them by not getting involved in a variety of physical activities that could make them more alive. There are many types of activities that could help teenagers to balance their daily activities.

Starting with exercises, this is a very common and yet the most advanced activity that could reduce the time that teenagers use other than being a sloth. Exercise does have a myriad of benefits for the body. Starting from maintaining stamina, and controlling weight, to preventing various diseases. However, don’t forget to consider the right type for teens. Instead of getting benefits, improper exercise can cause body pain, fatigue, or injury.

Moreover, improving social skills are very important to do for teens, as they often serve as predictors of future success. A study has shown that youth who scored higher on social skills measurements were four times more likely to graduate from an undergraduate institution. Those with adaptive social skills often demonstrate superior ability to observe, problem solve and respond in social situations. Start by talking to classmates, listening to the teacher, and even asking for help from others.

To conclude, there are many outdoor activities not only physical for the teens to help maintain their life and become more active rather than sticking to one comfort zone where they only interact with gadgets.