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Maret 1, 2023

Technological Approach to Seniors

Pierre Sebastian G.12 It is undeniable that technology has helped humanity for years with an immeasurable number of tasks. Over the years, technology has evolved alongside […]
Februari 15, 2023

Working Before University

Need pocket money, but don’t want to ask mom? I’ve been having the same problem ever since going to high school. I think I need to […]
Januari 13, 2023

Should Teenager Go to Work Before Their University Study?

Teresa G10Sometimes economy loss in our life could be the reason why some of highschoolers tend to work before their university, but some of them have […]
Desember 28, 2022

Advance Technology

Archie G12There are many advantages that technology has brought to the globe. However, the older generation has difficulty using technology. In my opinion, technology can make […]