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Juni 28, 2022

The Art of Queen

By Angellyn (Grade 11)                 In this review, I will be discussing the biography film of one of the greatest and most famous British bands called […]
Juni 14, 2022

Factors influencing an individual’s personality

By Zefanya Greecia Mandey (Grade 11) We live in a world where diverse personalities exist. Studies have shown that certain factors tend to influence one’s personality […]
Mei 31, 2022

People Getting Pets

Students are considering getting a pet and are discussing it with their classmates. So, should you get one? Nowadays, there are multiple reasons to get a […]
Mei 14, 2022

How to Combat Poverty

By Aileen Aurell Setiawan (Grade 12) With a rising number of people living in severe poverty, there is an ever-widening wealth gap across different world areas […]