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November 30, 2022

Teachers Day

by Nadine Dave Samson G.11 As you all know, teachers play a big role in our lives. So, in order to express gratitude to our beloved […]
Oktober 29, 2022

Edu Fair in Secondary Modernhill

By Dafa Reyhansyah Puji Sutan (G.11) Sekolah Harapan Bangsa held Edu Fair for 2 days on 24th-25th of October 2022. The Edu Fair was held from […]
Agustus 30, 2022

Inauguration of the New Generation of Student Council

In the late morning of Wednesday, 24 August 2022. Sekolah Harapan Bangsa held an Inauguration for the newly elected student council during the scout session, from […]
Juli 28, 2022

How TikTok influences the world

TikTok is a video-sharing, social-networking platform used to create lip-synching, comedy, dance,  talent, and other kinds of videos. It offers three seconds to ten minutes in […]