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March 13, 2024

Our Jogja field trip!

We have entered a new year, which means there will be more things to experience throughout the year. One of the things us Sekolah Harapan Bangsa […]
January 29, 2024

Students learn best through experience

Madeleine 8A Moving to Sekolah Harapan Bangsa was such a great experience. Here, I learned a lot of new things, made new friends, and gained new […]
November 15, 2023

Embracing Diversity and Preventing Bullying

By Zatara Angelica Mandey, 8A Our environment has a significant influence on us—on the way we act, speak, and develop our personalities. Given that students spend […]
August 14, 2023

OSIS Campaign and Election

Compiler: Johan, S.Pd. The school is an educational institution that plays a vital role in developing students’ interests and talents, which are no less important than […]