Sensitive to the academic, physical, emotional, and social needs of an adolescent, our junior high school department offers a favorable environment that helps students achieve their best persona in one of the most challenging phases of their lives. Combining knowledge enrichment, character building, and strengthening of faith, students are guided to become persons of intellect, good behavior, and belief. Culture, values, and traditions are integrated into the curriculum and into the daily routines of the school to meet individual needs and interests in a safe and caring experience that enables them to excel scholastically as reflected in their excellent standing in the annual National Examinations.
Our well-rounded, well-balanced school program involving both academics, based on the National Plus curriculum which delivers Math and Science classes in both English and Bahasa Indonesia; and extra-curricular activities in Arts, Languages such as Mandarin and English which are used in daily conversations, Sports, and Technology equip them with the necessary foundation as they continue on to higher education.


We, the students of Sekolah Harapan Bangsa pledge to :
- Learn with Knowledge, Faith and Character
- Do our best today and every day
- Obey the rules, study hard and be responsible
- Respect our parents, teachers, friends and most of all - ourselves
- Make our parents proud of us

In SHB we trust, God bless us all

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