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Mei 14, 2022
Mei 14, 2022
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True Friendship

By Nadyani Armin Tan (Grade 7)

       I’m currently in the third grade of Junior High school, everyday I live my life with my three best friends. They are Jack, Alexander, and Olivia.  The four of us have been friends since childhood. Few years ago we wrote a friendship agreement letter on a piece of paper that was put in a bottle, then the bottle was buried under a tree that we would open when we received the results of the graduation exam. 

       The day that the four of us had been waiting for, finally arrived. We had received the results of the exam, and we passed them. We immediately ran under the tree, and dug right where the bottle that had been buried was. The four of us opened the bottle and read what we wrote before.  The note reads “We promise to be together forever.”  The next day, Jack says that he wants to celebrate the graduation of the four of us. At that night the four of us went to a restaurant together. I can’t forget that night. Because on that night, Jack confessed his feelings to me. 

       Jack and I are now dating, and Alexander is now dating with Olivia.  It was a really special night for the four of us, we rushed home. On the way home, for some reasons I had a bad feeling.  “Guys, I have a bad feeling,” I said worriedly. “Come on, relax, nothing is going to go wrong,” answered Alexander casually.

       Not long after that, the worst that could happened, happened.  “Jack, watch out! There is a cliff ahead!”  Charlotte shouted.  “Aaaaaaa!!!” Crash. The car we rode fell into a ravine.  My tears flows as I lost conscious.

      Slowly I opened my eyes little by little, I saw my mother was beside me.  “Charlotte… are you awake?”  My mother asked.  “Where am I…?  Where is Olivia, Alexander, and Jack?”  I asked.  “You’re at the hospital, you were the only one who survived in the accident,” replied my mother with tears in her eyes.

        I was speechless when I heard my mother’s words, tears fell from my eyes, my tears didn’t stop after hearing my mother’s words. “Jack, why did you leave me, I loved you, but you left me so quickly, everyone left me,” I thought to myself.  Two weeks has passed and I visited their graves, I wished we could spend time together until we’re old. But now it’s all just wishful thinking.  I will always remember all of you.

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