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Mei 31, 2022
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Career Path Confusion

There are two types of people, the ones who know what to do when they graduate school, and the ones who don’t. More often than not, students find themselves as part of the latter. This is completely normal.

Choosing career paths can be extremely challenging. When you’re considering what career you want, you need to keep in mind that this would be a long-term goal and that your happiness in the future will depend on it. As young students, we would certainly be intimidated by this and fear picking the wrong path.

For instance, I myself have trouble deciding what kind of career I want. And it’s not just me, it’s almost all my friends in SHB Cambridge. While they do have an idea of what they desire to be, most of the time they’re still hesitant of it. Unanswered questions would be popping up in their mind: “What happens if I don’t make a good amount of money from this?”, “Will I get tired of this career when I’m older?”, “Will I regret this?”. While we wonder, we sometimes forget that there’s a simple way out. We could try asking our teachers for advice. They’re one of the only people who observe our progress, and they would definitely help us reach a decision. I know for a fact that the friendly teachers of SHB Cambridge wouldn’t mind helping me and my friends. So, if you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t be shy to ask your teachers for help!

  • Natalie, CS 3

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