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Juni 14, 2022
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Juni 14, 2022
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The Importance of Literature

What is Literature?

Literature is a collection of written works with creative language. They are writings that are considered to be an art form like prose fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry. Literature is made and used specifically to share knowledge, to inform, to tell and to entertain. It portrays useful messages, values and themes to the audience. We can learn so much about the world and become smarter just by reading literature. Not only education, but it also helps develop humans’ feelings, interests and ideas.

How did literature impact the world?

Speaking of development, literature has improved many society situations. It has shaped civilizations, changed political systems and exposed injustice. These writings deliver us a detailed preview of human experiences that we haven’t experienced on our own, allowing us to connect and give a different perspective on the lives of others. We empathize with characters, to feel their joy and pain. Therefore, it inspires us and makes us understand every walk of life.

In education, reading and studying literature improves the ability and skill of our vocabulary writing. Students are able to learn new words and how powerful they really are, study story structures, learn to correct sentence patterns and more. By gathering all the information, they can create unique works of art like the authors. Writers allow themselves to express their raw emotions through their works which expands the mind of their readers.

Spreading the beauty of literature

Considering how important and functional literature can be, our school Sekolah Harapan Bangsa has created a program called community service. Based on the name “community service”, we help and give service for others that are in need. This year, the junior, senior high school student body council and teachers are helping to build a library for a school that isn’t able to fund the needs to do such a thing.  

We all came to the same conclusion that the students there are able to learn literature from books. We want them to receive the knowledge they deserve. A book donation has been held for students to give away their books that aren’t used anymore. Hopefully, they can receive the benefit from the books given.

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