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Juni 14, 2022
Juni 14, 2022
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The Last Straw

By Mireille Daphnee Sutedja (Grade 7)
It’s 10 a.m. in the morning. Mary and Robby sit beneath a tree in a park, waiting for somebody. Mary looks around and sighs when she can’t see anyone. She lays her head on Robby’s shoulder and closes her eyes. Robby pats his younger sister on the back and he closes his eyes as well. They’ve been waiting for a while now. Their mom promised them she’d be there. She always makes plans but she never goes through with them.

Mary finally opens her eyes and she stands up. She lends out a hand for her older brother. He supports himself by grabbing on to her hand and they walk back home. Mary and Robby are tired of waiting for their mother. She always makes up excuses when she doesn’t fulfill her promises. They’re tired of this, and today is the last straw.

After they finally arrive home, their father asks, “Did she come?” Mary says, “I don’t think we’ll be making any more plans to meet up with her.” Their dad frowns and he hugs her. “I’m sorry, it’s not your fault…” he assures them. Robby feels a rush of anger going through his body. Their dad always says that it’s not their fault but he always felt like he did something wrong. He’s tired of feeling that way. It isn’t his fault their mother abandoned them.

When their parents were still together, Mary and Robby cried almost every night. They couldn’t handle the fighting and the entire family was miserable. When their parents filed for divorce, they felt relieved. Little did they know, they were not going to see their mother as often as they used to.

Mary’s phone starts ringing and she sees that it’s their mom. She sighs but still, she picks it up. “Hi darling, I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it, me and my friends were having so much fun, I forgot all about our plans, we could meet up tomorrow instead!” she exclaims. “Mom, Robby and I waited at the park for two whole hours. We’re tired of your fake promises.” Mary said with a cold tone. “I- Mary, I promise-,” she starts. Robby snatches Mary’s phone and he cuts their mom off, “We’re done with you, you had your chance and you ruined it. We’ve had enough of your stupid lies, goodbye.” Robby hangs up the phone and sighs.

Mary and Robby’s dad looks at his son in shock and he says, “Robby… I hope you know, you have me.” “I know Dad, I know.” he replies and he pulls Mary and their dad into a group hug.

Afterwards, Mary and Robby never received another phone call from their mother ever again. Sure, they’re sad, but they know that decision was for the best.  Sometimes, they wonder what it would be like if they gave her another chance.

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