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Agustus 30, 2022
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Agustus 30, 2022
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Is beauty standard harmful?



In this world we live today, everything is always rated by how interesting or how shining it looks. Even small things like chocolate or an ad located beside the street. People will always see what attracts their eyes. Plain new products will not make people see them. And the sad truth is this also happens to their selves, their visuals. They usually call this beauty standard.

Why would people think someone’s look important? We all know that everyone always has their preferred look at someone including ourselves. It is sad to think about, but that’s the truth and we can’t escape it. Famous people have the beauty standard given by people fulfilled. How about the less famous? Well, come to think about it, if famous people took the spotlight, how about the others?

How do people get the beauty standard so critical? Tall and big legs, sharp and shining eyes, thin figure. The standard given by netizen always makes people try hard to adjust to them either by extreme diet or by many schedules just to make themselves fit the beauty standard. It is not only done by famous people but by normal person who doesn’t feel enough of themselves. They will gladly do and follow the beauty standards to feel loved. This is not that bad, but how people interpret this beauty standard is not right. Try focusing on loving yourself and doing things you like because you will only live once anyway.