The Attachment to Modern Technologies

September 30, 2022
Myth and Fact about Bilingual Language Development
September 30, 2022
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The Attachment to Modern Technologies

In modern times, teenagers are becoming more and more independent on their own. They have a lot of freedom to do whatever they want with their lives. Yet the problem with them is that many teens these days are still not able to socialize well with friends or family. This is mostly due to their being unfamiliar with the right way to communicate or start a conversation.

Research has shown that kids spend more time using electronic media devices than they do on any other activity—an average of 7 hours a day, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Spending too much time on screens has been linked to not getting enough sleep, poor grades, and a greater risk of obesity. As children get older and spend more time using screens, there is a measurable drop-off in the number of educational activities they engage in.

In conclusion, teens need to learn about technology, they need to understand how the people around them communicate and behave. Although the popularity of computers and cell phones is an integral part of everyday life, to live in the modern world without being drawn into its current tendencies, it is essential for all people to establish a balance between screen time and social interaction.

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