Animals in zoos or animals in the wild?

4月 28, 2022
5月 1, 2022
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Animals in zoos or animals in the wild?

By Vivian Pauw (Gr. 8A)

Animals in zoos are an attraction of every age. They display all sorts of animals including mammals, birds, reptiles even to sea animals, with a man-made environment for them all. Zoos are tourist attractions or even the citizens of its own, available to see any endemic animals in that country, or almost extinct.

Many citizens say that zoos are bad for the wild animals that have been kept in captivity. They say that they are treated badly, most animals are agitated, stressed and they become quite unpleasant in the eyes. Protestors suggest that many of the animals that are kept in zoos should be free, furthermore they do not belong to be in captivity. The animals that were taken from their natural habitat has trouble blending in or getting use to its man-made enclosure, in contrast it makes them uncomfortable it could also make them more aggressive and it would lack on its natural abilities like hunting or in general surviving in the wild.

On the other hand, there are also many others that think it is good for the animals that are kept in zoos. They say it helps repopulate the extinct or keep track of the amount in the world. Many others also say that zoos take care of the animals well as you can see by their physical form, by far people also say it is better to see them in an enclosure to learn more about that specific animal and see them up close. Animals being in zoos do have a better chance to breed and survive in the enclosure, thus they can multiply and enhance the population.

In conclusion, both arguments can be a hit or miss based on how the zoos deal with the animals, with care or mistreating them. I say this because there are animals that can be helped being in captivity to increase their population. So, if they inspect the zoos thoroughly to ensure that they are made for the job I like the sound of that. Therefore, yes animals in zoos are okay with me as long as they are treated with care and the right way.


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