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Agustus 16, 2019

Adriano Gunawan 10 MIPA, Level B

Every year Indonesia celebrates its independence day. On August 17th 2019 Indonesia celebrates its 74th independence day. Every Indonesian student will surely have a ceremony in […]
Agustus 16, 2019

Annisa Permatasari Harahap XI IPS, Level A

They Who Fought Until that time, Fighters’ blood had been spilled, Filling the earth’s cracks. Those were the struggles, With sweat streaming endlessly. Those were our […]
Agustus 16, 2019

Stefany Emily Limanto, XI MIPA 1, Level A

Independence day is a very important day that is greatly celebrated by citizens across the country of Indonesia to remind us of all the blood that […]
Juni 18, 2019

William Winston Prasetya 12 IPA1

High school was not a waste of time. It has been the most precious time of my life, or maybe everyone’s lives. We laughed, sometimes we […]