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Januari 31, 2023

Angelyn 9B

As this academic year comes to an end, most students at the edge of their high school years tend to already solidify their plans for the […]
Januari 31, 2023

Are zoos good or bad for animals?

Zoos are places that people often go to. People visit zoos for many different reasons. Most people visit zoos for their own satisfaction or to examine […]
Januari 31, 2023


                                                             by: Natalie CS4 What does the word “school” mean to you? Is it a place to study? or perhaps, a place to meet your friends? […]
Januari 15, 2023

Near Miss Motorbike Accident

I will tell you about the time I nearly had an accident. I was riding a 249 cc motorbike on a road that’s pretty far from […]