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Januari 31, 2023

Are zoos good or bad for animals?

Zoos are places that people often go to. People visit zoos for many different reasons. Most people visit zoos for their own satisfaction or to examine […]
Januari 13, 2023

Ideal Holiday

Illona Grade 9B Everyone has their own views and opinion on what a holiday should be like, but we can all agree it’s a perfect gateway […]
Desember 28, 2022

What should We Study at School?

AngelicaStudying is when you learn a certain subject and gain knowledge from the topic being given out. When we think about studying, school would always come […]
Desember 14, 2022

Why Should We Learn all Subjects at School?

Nethania Latisha AnjaniBefore we talk about anything else, what is the meaning of the subject itself? According to some dictionaries, “Subject” has a lot of meaning, […]