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Mei 14, 2022

How to Combat Poverty

By Aileen Aurell Setiawan (Grade 12) With a rising number of people living in severe poverty, there is an ever-widening wealth gap across different world areas […]
April 30, 2022

The Dolls with Attitude: A Short Movie Review

By Aileen Aurell Setiawan (Gr. 12) The Dolls with Attitude is a movie directed by a Japanese movie maker and set in Japan, which remarks on […]
Januari 28, 2022

Review of TED Talk “Success is a Continuous Journey” by Richard St. John

Aileen Aurell Setiawan Richard St. John’s video, TED Talks: Success is a Continuous Journey, teaches a valuable lesson about success. The presentation theme is that success […]
Januari 13, 2022

Cheating in school

By Archie Setio Nowadays, there are many students that are getting more and more lazy. They don’t have enough time to study or do homework because […]