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September 10, 2023

How phonics can give children a head start with reading English

What is a phonics approach to learning to read, and how can you use it in the classroom with younger children? We asked Dr Richard Wong […]
August 14, 2023

“Back to School”

By Lola Olivia Sihombing8th Grade Going back to school! While some students may feel nervous and upset about returning to school, others are excited to embark […]
August 9, 2023

“Economic Background’s Irrelevance to Education”

By Adelia Clarisa 12th Grade Education constitutes a fundamental human right, accessible to all, irrespective of their economic background. It holds the key to unlocking individual […]
August 9, 2023

Stimulation ideas for children 1-2 years

1. Play with textures This method is to introduce various kinds of textures to children and make them familiar with the various textures that exist. 2. […]