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Mei 15, 2022

I think the best job in the world is …

probably a freelance artist or a writer. It may be hard at first or stressful because sometimes you might feel it’s not good enough. There could […]
Mei 14, 2022

English Assembly 2022

By: Ms. Lace, Preschool Teacher Daily morning assembly is one of the best platforms to encourage cooperative learning, building community,  listening and comprehension skills among preschool […]
Mei 2, 2022

3 Children’s Tales About Gratitude

By Catherine Sustana Literature Expert Ph.D., English, State University of New York at Albany B.A., English, Brown University Catherine Sustana, Ph.D., is a fiction writer and a […]
Mei 1, 2022

What if we get stuck doing the pose we die in when we become a ghost?

Topic: Personal Thoughts and Opinions I’ve been thinking about ghosts for a while and I have had a weird thought about them: ’What if we get […]